Saphire Dahmer: Through The Looking Glass [MODEL GALLERY]

At our recent Beautiful Nightmare Dance Party that we hosted at the gorgeous mirror-paneled dance hall in The Bar Complex in Lexington, KY, Saphire Dahmer came down from Cincinatti to support us and our hosts, Rocky Doll and Nara Gordon.  She’s so stunning that I knew I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t get a chance to shoot with her, but didn’t know her well enough to ask her if we could shoot for longer in the midst of the wall to wall music.  Fortunately, Nara worked her magic and brought her over so we could have a cool little shoot amidst the festivities!


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Author: JT Hanke

J.T. Hanke is the editor-in-chief of DarkestGoth Magazine. A filmmaker who explores dark concepts, he's also the founder of World of Depleted Creative Community, the postapocalyptic creative project that shares credit and profits throughout the Gothic creative community.

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