ShadowBrite: Lucky Girl — Domino’s Story [MODEL GALLERY]

This shoot was a collaboration of myself and Kiki of Galaxi Photography. We focused on bringing the classic Domino from comic books to life and shot this earlier last year ahead of the Deadpool 2 movie release. The majority of the costume was bought from mass-market sources and pieced together, although the belt buckle, and weapons were distressed and updated by me.


Shadow Brite Cosplay

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Galaxi Photography Cosplay

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Author: ShadowBrite

Ky based cosplayer/model specializing in unique spins on popular characters, incorporating steampunk, gothic, post-apocalyptic, and cyberpunk/rave accents.

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  1. I wonder if Marvel Comics was inspired by Van Morrison’s “Domino” when naming this icon. The fantasy of having superpowers is fascinating. The neon and lighting fx used here add a splendid sci-fi ambience. Your character is well in action. Great job in piecing it all together. Hosting a Deadpool cosplay afterparty may be something you could have fun with too!

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