Gallery Submissions

  1. All galleries need to have 6-12 photos, ideally from a SINGLE shoot, but no more than three shoots.
  2. All of your actual gallery images will need to be sized to 1000 px wide and be less than 400k in file size.

To simplify resizing images for our busy contributors, we recommend using the free online batch conversion software, PicResize Batch, to resize your images to 1000 px wide and to JPG quality = “Good.”  (For the larger banner image and smaller featured image needed, you can use the regular PicResize online service.)

Model Galleries:

If you are a model, submit here, based on whether your images had one photographer, or multiple photographers.

Photographer Galleries:

If you are a photographer, submit here, based on whether your gallery features just one model, or multiple models.

Note: These submission sheets do not have blanks for makeup artists, costumers, armorers, or jewelers. For these and any other special categories, add any needed credits in the “About Gallery” section of your submission.

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