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Karen St. Claire: East Star Bunny [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

Spring has sprung and lots of bunnies are on the run! The East Star Bunny heads on out to the ghettos of downtown Los Angeles bringing along her palette of Gothic colors to splash in your O’star’a holiday season in style. Celebrating the festivities she brings along “Lord of this World” …Lies your confessor now, for your entertainment pleasure.

XIII Minutes: Obsessed [ALBUM REVIEW]

The number thirteen conjures up several images depending on who is observing it. Every thirteen minutes, one American will take their own life. Every thirteen minutes, someone in America dies in a motor vehicle accident. Every thirteen minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer and thirteen minutes is the time the warning sirens give before a tornado hits.
Forming in 2016 and hailing from Tulsa, OK, XIII Minutes takes on the significance of thirteen in the spiritual realm. XIII Minutes is the time it takes every day to be spiritually fit. Thirteen is the number of great blessing. The nu

Cosplay On The Town: Animatic Con 2019 [EVENT GALLERY]

Hello, Everyone! Raven Moonlight and I with our friend and our assistant, Nick Hawthrone went to Animatic Con 2019 this year at Cincinnati, Ohio.

Goth Hollywood Episode 1: The Bearded Lady and Mystic Museum [INTERVIEW]

Exploring the dark side of Hollywood, I take you on a journey. This debut is episode 1 of my series “Goth Hollywood.”

LIFE: The World’s Most Haunted Places [BOOK REVIEW]

Immerse yourself in a spine-tingling, eerie journey as LIFE Magazine weaves you through a spectrum of the World’s Most Haunted Places. Hold onto your seat and get ready as this picturesque book of macabre, madness, and informative morsels in the school of thought, twists you into stitches and leaves you heaving in goosebumps.

Exposing Skeletons with Reverend Leviathan: Xtra Overdoze [INTERVIEW]

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Twiztid’s album W.I.C.K.E.D., a weekend tour was launched. I attended the show at Oddbody’s in Dayton, Ohio. While there I ran into underground rap artist Xtra Overdoze.

Exposing Skeletons with Reverend Leviathan: K. Kane

In the late 90’s, a new shock rock band known as Rackets and Drapes hit the scene and turned many heads. Mostly that of Christians, as they were well-known in the Christian metal circles since they played the Cornerstone Festival a few times. They were met with much hate, but the love that the fans (that they call Therapy Patients) showed was much greater. After 16 years of inactivity and silence, Therapy Patients got quite the shock treatment when K. Kane came out of the blue and announced the return of R&D. And she has decided to give her only interview to DarkestGoth.

Tracy Whiteside Photography: Every Day is Halloween [PHOTOGRAPHER GALLERY]

Not every girl wants to wear fluffy dresses and pink.  Some girls want to wear black leather.  I was one of those girls.  I found a kindred spirit when teaching theatre.  Ella Weasler is not only a talented actor and singer, but she is also experimental when it comes to the way she dresses. 

Raven Moonlight: Broken Doll [FORMER SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

Former Spokesmodel Raven Moonlight presents a gallery dedicated to Sara Haar and her creepy photography series. Sara’s vision for this shoot was a lovely girl who has broken and used like a doll. This gallery will show the soft beautiful features of the doll as well as the more harsh and beaten side.

Elitists: The Cancer in Every Subculture [ARTICLE]

“You’re not Goth because…” Take your pick: Because you like a particular band/genre, because of your personal religious beliefs, because your aesthetics aren’t “Goth enough,” or even because you don’t know the entire history of the subculture. Whatever the case may be, if you’ve ever been told this or even said it yourself, congratulations. You’ve had an encounter with one of the most annoying, self-righteous pricks in the scene: The elitist.