DarkestGoth Photography Payment Page

This is the place for Paypal payments associated with DarkestGoth Photography events like the Green Screen Art Project(All of these art events include some images free of charge, but also include additional optional images at a small cost, so that we can afford to keep doing these low- and no-cost events in the future.)

All of our events use Dropbox folders to share your files securely with you and you will find instructions in your shared dropbox folder in the document, “instructions.txt.”  (If you are not currently a member of dropbox, you can get a free account with an extra large 2.5 gigs of storage with our referral link: http://db.tt/PU2QaQYi )

Green Screen Art Experience Events

This is the place to purchase additional web resolution images (which are sized perfectly for social media like facebook and twitter) for $1 apiece and print resolution images (which are large enough to be printed at high quality in a way that’s suitable for framing) for $5 apiece. All images will be delivered in the universal .JPG format via your Dropbox folder within 7 days of your payment.

Paypal.Me Direct Payment

If you currently have a Paypal payments and just want to make a direct payment for the amount owed for the images you’ve put in your dropbox “Web Selections” and “Print Selections” folders, you can do so by sending a payment for the correct total to: https://paypal.me/gsae

Secure Debit/Credit Card Payment

If you don’t currently have Paypal, you can use the secure options below to pay for up to 10 images in web or print resolutions with any debit or credit card. (If you need to pay for more than 10 images of a certain size, choose “1” of that item in the pull down menu and then adjust the total in the Paypal screen after you click “Add to Cart”.)

Additional Print Resolution Images?

Additional Web Resolution Images?


Payments will go through the Viking Productions arm that oversees DarkestGoth Photography, the Green Screen Art Experience, and other artistic ventures associated with DarkestGoth Magazine, MicroFilmmaker Magazine, and World of Depleted.