Spokesmodel Submission

  • There are just five steps to submit your spokesmodel application:

      1. Read our Spokesmodel Submission overview
      2. Read our Posting Rules
      3. Make sure you have at least 6 solo images to submit
      4. Make sure to size your gallery images to 1,000 pixels wide & less than 600K file size using something like the free online batch conversion software, PicResize Batch. (As this form will not submit if the images are too large.)
      5. Fill in the form below, initial it, and "Submit".
  • What is the name you use when modeling?
  • This is where you put the URL for the your facebook or preferred website.
  • If you prefer to be texted, include your number here.
  • If you are chosen as our spokesmodel, you will be mailed some items as part of that selection.
  • Tell Us About Yourself

    Give us a few paragraphs about yourself, where you’re from, what you’re involved in, what your hobbies are, and why you got involved in Gothic modeling.
  • Tell Us How You Could Be a Great Spokesmodel

    Give us two paragraphs about why you would like to be the DarkestGoth Girl or DarkestGoth Guy and what you bring to the table that might be unique.
  • Image Sizes:

    We do have some specific image sizes we need for your submitted images, which have to do both with the physical size (how many pixels the image is) and the file size (how many Kb your image is).

    You can batch resize all your larger images to the sizes we need with the free online batch conversion software, PicResize Batch. (As the gallery will not submit if the images are larger than 600K in file size.)

    The options you'll select for your main gallery images are:

      1. Resize Your Picture = "Custom Size"
      2. *Width = "1000 px" (leave the height blank so it doesn't warp your image)
      3. JPG Quality = "Good"
  • Submit Images

  • You may submit up to 10 images. They must be no larger than 600 k in file size (but should be no smaller than 960 pixels in physical size at their longest side).
  • Official names of which photographers were responsible for the images AND which images they photographed.
  • By initialing here, you acknowledge that you've read and agree to our submission rules above, that you are a legal adult in the area of the world you're from, that you are legally allowed to submit these images for publicity, and that we are permitted to use your submission in any promotions related to DarkestGoth Magazine or one of its affiliates.
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