Reveille: Fukoshima Diaries [PHOTOART GALLERY]

Searching For Personal
Connection in a
Poisoned World

[Editor’s Note: This gallery was chosen to be showcased because of its needed depiction of disconnect in our society, even going so far as to ask questions about the ability for our most closely guarded relationships–mother and child–to exist in our own post-nuclear disaster world.

Although we do not deem this gallery exploitative in any way, the extended gallery contains strong, artistic imagery that is mature in content and not recommended for younger viewers.-JT]

Model: Reveille
Photographer: Infinity Art Photography
Editorial Titles: DarkestGoth Magazine*

*NOTE: Reveille graciously permitted us to choose titles for the images, and the ones  we’ve chosen are tied into the cycles of grief and farewell due to our interpretation of the theme.  If we’ve failed to capture the intended sentiment, I hope the viewer will accept our apologies.

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the gallery by clicking Here.

Author: Reveille

Reveille is a Gothic model that explores the problems in the world around her through her photographic art.

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