Alec Veisil: Vampire Imagination [GALLERY]

Model: Alec Veisil
Photographer: Iliq Iordanov

About the Model:

Alec is the N1 winner of the Bulgarian Gothic Boys contest.

The Model In His Own Words:

I came from a little town. There nobody knows about Goth culture, Vampires and a lot of stuff.  Since three years ago, I had a chance to move to the larger city of Sofia and I’m sure that is my place. Here I met Plam Chelavrova and other beautiful people from Bulgarian Gothic Girls, Bulgarian Gothic Boys, and most friends. I love to play the piano and draw all these vampires inside of my head. About Gothic modeling I want to say this is what I wanted all my life, my passion… And I will not give up.

Author: Alec Veisil

Alec Veisil is a Gothic model from Bulgaria. He's involved in Bulgarian Gothic Boys.

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