GOTH CODE – 13 Meditations (Ver 1 2013) [USER ARTICLE]

Goth Code:

By: Cire Lowrimore

1) A Goth shall know some form of history. This history should include one of the following: etymology of the word(Goth), tracing various histories with Gothic attributions, be aware and study that of which includes aesthetics or ideology similar in comparison to Goth.

2) All Goth is inherently a form of “individualistic expressionism”. One may emulate or imitate certain features of Goth in order to learn. When a person hath become a well-versed and experienced Goth, this person should strive to find their own individualized interpretation and expression of Goth.

3) Tolerance of Goths whose ideals, aesthetics, or whose mode of expression is entirely different, or opposite of your own, is amongst the highest of Gothic Virtues. This includes those of which who are not Goth.

4) Individual expression, education, and an extreme love for the truth of life should be at the core foundation of a Goths life of ethical and moral experience. For a Goth without some form of ethics or morals is nothing more than a “sheep in wolfs clothing”.

5) Understand the difference between a “reality-based or fantasy-based” Gothic life-style. Be true and steady upon the path you walk.

5) Whether you wear costumes, make-up, or engage in “fantasy-wear”, you can still be Gothic wearing regular everyday clothes. One person possessing 1/1000th of Gothic Virtue is worth more than 1000 Gothic afficianados.

6) Neither art, literature, music, clothes, or other external items makes a person Goth. Goth is a learned and internalized set of ideologies that influence the filters of our perception. Example: “There-fore when we chose to see through the lens of Goth, thus the world of Goth appeared before us.”

7) Since Goth is a unique form of individualistic expression, one should seek their own ideal form of Goth and avoid collective imitation.

8) Be as objective as you are tolerant when in the company of other Goths unknown to you. This applies to those who are not Goth.

9) There are many forms of “Goth”. Not all forms are composed of darkness. Some forms of Goth indeed include the “light”. Just as there are various degrees of shade and hue, so are the many forms of the Gothic persona and archetype.

10) To ultimately understand the Goth-life experience is yet to be born, to live, and to die as a Goth. All others should digress from false imitation. Walking a false path never led to knowing oneself, or truth.

11) To understand Goth is to understand the external shell is literally and figuratively composed of “death”. It is the internal visitude, the internal will to live; it is the internal nature of who you are that is the living embodiment of the Gothic creature. Life is decay in motion. Death is truly the end of life, and the changing of the terrestrial Gothic shell.

12) To journey across the abyss of formation, unto becoming Goth, is a journey of infinitesimal steps.

13) Goth is when you hath become no-less, no-more. You have passed the wall of barriers unto realizing who and what you are. Goth is the gate through which you enter, and the universe from which you pass. Goth is a discipline by-which you come to shape and mold who you are. Goth-life allows you to live to a fuller degree. Goth is all things: life and death, good and evil, light and dark, the existing and non-existent.


Author: Cire

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