Silas & Ami Season 2 Premiere [VIDEO]

If you missed the exciting Season premiere of the DarkestGoth Original Series, The Silas & Ami Show, on Thursday at the official Silas & Ami Show Facebook Page (where all new episodes premiere at the end of the month), you can now catch it right here!

Season 2 opens with a bang as Ami Kabar is stranded in Canada (not unlike the protagonist from the new Kevin Smith film, Tusk) and is forced to do the show via Canadian vidfeed–which is always in danger of moose damage!  The shocking Silas McBane hits her right between the eyes with the question of tattoos, how people without tattoos behave towards those with tattoos, and many other hard questions! (And yes, ‘tabu’ is a real word; both it and the more commonly used ‘taboo’ are official derivations of the Polynesian word ‘tanu.’)


Author: Veronika Gypsy

Veronika Gypsy is both a professed liar and a transparent truth teller. She hides her identity and changes details of her life so that she can tell the stories of the women she comes into contact with as a photographer. (To preserve everyone's anonymity, photos in her blogs are from other photographers featuring other models, used under appropriate copyright guidelines.)

If you want to share your story, a piece of art or photography that's very meaningful to you, or a question, email V here.

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