Marta Devilish Dimoska: Gothic Riding Hood [GALLERY]

Author: Martta Devilish Dimoska

I am an Alternative Macedonian Model that mostly worked freelance but now I am required by many model agencies here and I am proud, I am also and actress and I have various plays and few short art movies.

I really love the alternative underground fashion and scene and I think that there is more in it than it usually meets the normal eye. I work hard for this and I am really creative as are my role models.

I do my own hair and make-up and mostly style. I adore the vintage, Hollywood diva's glamour, the pin-up style, cosplay, gothic style and so on. :)

To see more of me, go to my Facebook, my instagram, my tumblr, my pinterest, or my twitter.

(If you want to discuss photographic or artistic opportunities, catch up with me at my World of Cosplay Page, my Model Mayhem Page, my DeviantArt page, or my Fiverr page.)

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