Lee Photography: Posh Goth Dinner Party [PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY]

I wanted to come up with a gothic themed photoshoot. Caitlin, who plays the posh goth, and I came up with a dinner party theme and we were able to shoot it in my parents dining room. My friend Cristina asked if she could be the butler and she played the role perfectly. It was Caitlin’s idea to take a bite out of the apple and die from it. I gave it a vintage style edit to make it seem like it was from the past.


Rob Lee (of Lee Photography)

Photography FB Page

Model #1

Caitlin Robert

Images Credit: #1-#8

Caitlin’s FB Page

Model #2

Cristina Ferri

Images Credit: #1, 2, 4, 6, 7

Model’s FB Page


Author: Rob Lee

A photographer that finds beauty in all walks of life. If it can be photographed I want to be the one that does it. Rawb Lee is an official DarkestGoth Contributing Photographer.

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