Rodocarda Photography: A Wooden Land and Two Sisters [PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY]

The First Sister, Hope

There were two sisters.

They had a gift. Their gift was their sentence to solitude.

But the gift saved their lives.

The first sister’s name was: Hope.

The model, Lady Raven, has this idea of two totally different outfits and a wonderful location in a wooden area nearby Rome.


We shot during a late autumn day, the light was just perfect, and the production aimed at underlining the loneliness and abandon, but with Hope.



Rodocarda Photography

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Lady Raven

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Author: Rodocarda Photos

I am Rodolfo Cardarelli, rodocarda is a short name I have been using since forever as my email address, and it sticked.

I live and work in Rome, Italy, probably the best location in the world for outdoor photo shootings.

And I do love taking photos, is one of my passions.

Although I have been practicing many different type of photography, portrait is really what I love to do above all.

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