Selene Hellena: Rebel Red [GALLERY]

A mixture of darkness and light, innocence and evil, two sides of a being in a body.


Selene Hellena

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Photographer #1

Peter Hedgecock

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Photographer #3

Debora Melim

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Author: Selene Hellena

Selene Hellena is a Portuguese internationally published, agency represented alternative model, tribal fusion bellydancer, writer and pianist who loves to incorporate all the kinds of art practiced into modeling, taking the modeling area as a beautiful way of spiritual art instead of a fashion/ beauty matter only.

"After suffering with extreme low self-esteem that was result of many years of being bullied, I have realized that beauty could be more than physical appearance when my sister took conceptual portraits of me with her camera. I have than started the model career in 2008 in a Gothic store (Dark Desire) for which I occasionally still model, and since then I have been exploring all ways of expression that photography can provide.

Most of my work is conceptual but I have been occasionally doing promotional work with stores and also had the chance to take part in few catwalks. Always improving and creating, I have been working with the most varied photographers as their input and concepts are important to create specific things that I have in mind. I am usually the director of my own photo-shoots, most of them are ideas that I take from my dreams and I decide to make them real. There is always a story and meaning behind the each set of photographs, as there is a story and meaning behind dreams. I like to contrast symbols by adding little details to the pictures making the viewer take some time to extract the meaning out of it and that is my way to incorporate poetry in a image.

The poses are inspired in the strength and parallel fragility of tribal fusion bellydance's movements, there is always music in my mind behind a picture. I also do my own make-up and styling in almost every work and I spend much time making things as similar as I dreamed.

The main feature of my work is nature as I was born and raised in a green environment. I am passionate about nature and addicted to the spiritual healing that it provides for body and mind. I am a model who loves to show the pure contact with nature as a being part of it. Outside of modeling life I am a brain science lover and aspiring to be a neuroscience researcher."

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