Amaranth Cosplay: Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Conquers more of Gencon [MODEL GALLERY]

I made this gallery because JT Hanke (of Goth Viking Photography) took so many amazing photos, I couldn’t believe it and had to show you more. These are the photos that maybe didn’t have the perfect place to go in my Gen Con article, but I can’t stand the thought of not sharing with you!


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Amaranth COSPlay

Model Page


Goth Viking Photography

Photographer Webpage


Author: Amaranth Cosplay

Hey there! I'm known as Amaranth--an up and coming cosplayer--who's figuring out this whole sewing thing! When I'm not moonlighting with my cosplay, I groom dogs for my day job. In my rapidly decreasing spare time I read, tabletop game, play Magic, and snuggle with my own dog, Akroma. Check out my cosplays at @amaranthcosplay on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter!

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