FireflyReign: Lace Tree [MODEL GALLERY]

Climbing/balancing on some trees, I’m a nature lover, and I guess a little kid at heart. I can’t help it.



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Author: FireflyReign

5'4 Ohio Model, artist, photographer, creator, writer. Making beauty out of darkness Dreams for the future, hopeful horror productions in the making. Find me on Instagram fireflyreign & Facebook Firefly_Reign

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  1. All my life, I have heard terror stories of laced weed, but there is very little evidence of any cannabis actually found to be laced with anything by sellers. Many stories, little if any evidence. I believe this is fear factor shit without much merit a all. Lacing LSD is evil and would not benefit the user experience. It makes no sense for the seller or the user. I suspect this is full of lies.

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