Raven Moonlight: Broken Doll [FORMER SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

This gallery is dedicated to my photographer, Sara Haar, and her creepy photography series.  Sara’s vision for this shoot was a lovely girl who has broken and used like a doll. This gallery will show the soft beautiful features of the doll as well as the more harsh and beaten side. 


Raven Moonlight

Model Page


 Sara Haar

Photographer Webpage


Author: Raven Moonlight

Hello, My name is Raven Moonlight, i am a curvy alt model. I'm a stay at home mom with a beautiful baby girl. Currently i am a night owl and enjoy making jewelry and going to events in my community.

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  1. I love working with mosquito nets. They add such a sense of dark mystery to the design… which you captured brilliantly. That first photo, I consider gallery quality and you may want to try and get it into an exhibit. I once added a black mosquito net to the Vamplified music video called “Red Light’s On” .

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