Karen St. Claire: Abandoned Asylum’s Latex Nurse [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

At an abandoned asylum, photos of a latex nurse were left behind, with titles written on them ranging from innocuous to cruel and demeaning. They were uncovered in a metal file cabinet inside a bolted down locker by nocturnal trespassers who roamed the premises scouting for unique historical treasures. Inside the decaying hospital, they uncovered a rundown electroshock room and various vials of syringe meds in a locked cabinet.  The shredded rubber had been ripped off the walls of the solitary confinement ward.


A soiled straitjacket was hung over a rusty, wobbly wheelchair. The floor and stairs antique mosaic tile assortment was taken and made into asylum jewelry. The marketing scheme is doing well as people flock to have a piece of strange and unusual history embedded into a ring or pendant. The asylum nurse remains a mystery as internet posts are currently made seeking her whereabouts and identity. In the meantime, the trespassers each developed a strange case of schizophrenia and now hear the voices of those who haunt the halls of the creepy days gone by institution.


Is it a curse of the asylum or are these resident spirits lingering the earth plane in need of redemption with a story to communicate to the world?


Stay tuned for more.


Karen St. Claire

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Seth Moore

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Author: Karen "Neckromance" St. Claire

As dusk approaches the painted misted sky, the ancient mystical keepers of hidden knowledge transcend the veil. Contrary to legendary belief, while shape-shifting into materialization, a mirror of reflection appears yet remains mysteriously cloaked. In outward appearance of tangible flesh and blood, these ethereal beings appear to be directed by the standard natural laws of the universe, yet they are shed of earthbound shackles. With infinite freedom to move swiftly between inter-dimensional worlds, they remain invisible, only to be recognized by a fellow master crafter. Together in alliance they arrive to rock your world!

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