At the turn of the century, in the small town of Tumbleweed, a railroad runs through. Seldom seen, the legend has it that a young harlot carrying a red lantern would roam the area. Silently, her whereabouts was always kept safe under lock and key. In rare instances, it is said, that she would be spotted and then mysteriously disappear into thin air. Perhaps, the mystery was the silencing hush that lingered in the ether whenever her presence was spoken of. Whatever the circumstance, her story lives on. In undisclosed identity, her real name was never found. The legend calls her “Tumbleweed”.

FACT: The term “red light” original came from Kansas, where the early railroad ran through. It all started when a railroad brakeman, who carried a red railroad lantern signal lamp, hung it outside of the bordello while engaged inside.

For you listening enjoyment, I added in an original song from my band, Vamplified, called “Red Light’s On.”

Thank you for listening!

Model: Karen St. Claire
Model’s website: http://www.vamplified.com

Photographer: Teague Tinney
Red Light Reference: Bakersfield Magazine 29-2 July 11, 2012
(c) 2020-Karen St. Claire. all rights reserved. 

Author: Karen "Neckromance" St. Claire

As dusk approaches the painted misted sky, the ancient mystical keepers of hidden knowledge transcend the veil. Contrary to legendary belief, while shape-shifting into materialization, a mirror of reflection appears yet remains mysteriously cloaked. In outward appearance of tangible flesh and blood, these ethereal beings appear to be directed by the standard natural laws of the universe, yet they are shed of earthbound shackles. With infinite freedom to move swiftly between inter-dimensional worlds, they remain invisible, only to be recognized by a fellow master crafter. Together in alliance they arrive to rock your world!

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