Amaranth Cosplay: Archer’s Pam Poovey Attacks Gen Con [MODEL/EVENT GALLERY]

Gen Con has really started to make a name for itself with its cosplay department, so I enjoyed exploring it in cosplay as Archer’s brash and powerful Pam Poovey. 


The amount of back ink that Poovey sports made it challenging to get as much on my back as I did!  We decided to go shoot this in Lucas Oil Stadium at a past Gen Con and really liked the flavor we got while we were here.  The Gen Con event is one I go to every year for good reason!


Amaranth Cosplay

Model Page


Goth Viking Photography

Photographer Webpage

Additional images from Archer used in a Fair Use Manner and are owned by FX Productions, the creators of Archer.

Author: Amaranth Cosplay

Hey there! I'm known as Amaranth--an up and coming cosplayer--who's figuring out this whole sewing thing! When I'm not moonlighting with my cosplay, I groom dogs for my day job. In my rapidly decreasing spare time I read, tabletop game, play Magic, and snuggle with my own dog, Akroma. Check out my cosplays at @amaranthcosplay on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter!

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