Remodel Gallery Submissions

We are remodeling our online submission engine.  In the mean time, you can simply submit your gallery as follows.  Email the following things to

  1. Name of yourself: Name of Gallery (i.e. Amaranth Cosplay: Face of Lulu or Miller Photography: Night of the Goth)
  2. Name of the Photographer (if you’re a model) or the model (if you’re a photographer).
  3. URL for your website or preferred social media
  4. URL for your photographer/model’s preferred social media
  5. 1-2 sentence description of your gallery to entice people to check it out
  6. 1-2 paragraphs about the gallery which will be displayed on the gallery page
  7. 5-10 keywords that people can search by that describe the gallery (not your name or the magazine name)
  8. 8-12 .jpg images as attachments to the email that are between 1500 – 2048 px long* and less that 1 MB in size*

*If you’re not familiar with how to resize images, you can go the website SimpleImageResizer and type in 1500 for the height or the width (based on which side is longer) and leaving the other side blank (so that it uniformly resizes it).


You can also upload your images to facebook as high rez images and then download the images after they convert them for you, as they use a good compression engine. (Then delete the facebook pictures if you don’t want them on facebook).


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