Finding Photographers or Group Shoots

To get into alternative group shoots (or just to find photographers you may wish to work with), it’s recommended that you get an account with U.S.-based Model Mayhem (which is an international site for connecting models and photographers and often have community events like group shoots listed).  Other sites that are more popular internationally are Purple Port and PureStorm (although PureStorm seems to be more dominated by more traditional modeling, rather than alternative). Try to look for sites that have the most postings and events in their chat rooms and bulletin boards in your area.

Although most of the users of these sites are honest folks trying to improve their craft as you are, not all are.  As such, please be careful about what information you post on these pages and check to see what users’ verified ratings are before providing them with extra information about yourself or location.

In addition, be sure to follow the regional community calendars at DarkestGoth, which publishes a number of community events from different groups in the alternative world.

If you haven’t read them yet, to learn more about group shoots, check out our article series on them: “V’s Guide to Group Shoots: What are group shoots?”

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