Weeping Eagle Photography: Gothic Potency [GALLERY]

I love being able to meet new models and be able to vibe off of one another.  We create and test our boundaries. We were both awkward and shy, but it resulted in a beautiful set of images.  And now Eve can see what others see when we all look at her!


A huge part of my photography is encouraging people to really accept them for themselves and celebrate that!  And I asked Eve what are some poses and/or looks she wanted to try, that she struggles with, that test her boundaries.  She was not used to the tight cropping of these photos, and I really wanted to showcase her natural beauty and her tell tale signs of enjoying the Goth life.  she has modeled using her whole body, so it was a wonderful new experience.


Sarah Collum, Weeping Eagle Photography



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Author: Sarah Collum

I started with the standard portraits, engagements, and wedding photography, however I just felt like I was going through the motions. I needed something more to fuel this fire. The few years I had found myself submerged into the Goth Subculture, and I never felt more myself. I felt like I was not alone and I was happy to see the world in a different view, so I switched gears. I put myself out there to start new edgy, gothic, and dark beauty photography. And it has been an amazing journey since then!

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