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Transitioning Perspectives: How Celebrity Transparency Effects LGBTQ Discourse [ARTICLE]

In recent years, there has been a growing visibility of transgender individuals in popular culture. Two recent examples of this are the public gender transitions of actors Elliott Page and Eddie Izzard. Both have been widely celebrated and have raised important questions about the visibility of transgender issues in American culture.

Hollywood D&D: Potential Effects of the New Movie on the RPG [EDITORIAL] 

The upcoming release of the new Dungeons and Dragons movie has generated a lot of excitement among fans of the franchise. The movie, which is set to hit theaters at the end of this month, features a star-studded cast led by Chris Pine and promises to be a thrilling adventure that captures the spirit of the beloved tabletop RPG. But what impact will the movie have on the popularity of the game itself?


In an alternate 2013, a mutated Cordyceps fungus begins to infest human hosts and turn them into violent, zombie-like monsters called “the infected.”  As the apocalypse comes upon Austin, Texas, our protagonist, Joel (Troy Baker) and his brother, Tommy (Jeffrey Pierce), try to flee with Joel’s daughter, Sara (Hana Hayes).  In the flight, a soldier shoots Sara and she dies in Joel’s arms. Twenty years later, as society has almost been obliterated by the infection and people live in controlled quarantine zones, Joel and his partner, Tess (Annie Wersching), serve as smugglers in the remnants…

Pathfinder Day: February 2023 [GAME PRESS RELEASE]

Venture Into The Vault!
Pathfinder Treasure Vault reveals the glittering hoard of a terrifying dragon, as presented by the creature’s plucky kobold assistant. This 224-page hardcover rulebook presents a catalog of new gear from nearly every category of equipment and magic item available in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game while introducing entirely new categories of items. Give your character the perfect tool for the job with signature weapons, customizable relics, and wondrous items to fit your every need while preparing for any eventuality with potions, elixirs, wands, and more!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands [VIDEO GAME REVIEW]

What happens when you allow Tiny Tina to take over an entire video game?  Come with me and find out!

You play the Newbie, a character that has crash landed in Borderlands along with your shipmates, human pilot Valentine, played by Andy Samberg from SNL/Lonely Island, and self-absorbed robot Frette, who is voiced by consummate comedienne Wanda Sykes.  While your ship is being repaired, Tiny Tina approaches you and asks you to play her favorite game, Bunkers & Badasses.  When you all agree, she takes over as Bunkermaster and tells you a terrifying tale of the Dragon Lord…

Amaranth Cosplay: Archer’s Pam Poovey Attacks Gen Con [MODEL/EVENT GALLERY]

Gen Con has really started to make a name for itself with its cosplay department, so I enjoyed exploring it in cosplay as Archer’s brash and powerful Pam Poovey.  The amount of back ink that Poovey sports made it challenging to get as much on my back as I did!  We decided to go shoot this in Lucas Oil Stadium at a past Gen Con and really liked the flavor we got while we were here.  The Gen Con event is one I go to every year for good reason!


Paizo has announced that the new Year 6 Starfinder Society metaplot will center around a mysterious and powerful criminal syndicate and be called The Year of Fortune’s Fall. It will begin at PaizoCon Online 2023, over Memorial Day Weekend in May. It will run for a full year and told over the course of seven Starfinder Society Scenarios.

Paizo Starfinder Society Developer, Jessica Catalan, gives the set-up, “The Starfinder Society stands proud and united, yet trouble gathers on the horizon. When a mysterious and powerful criminal syndicate, dubbed the Organization, enacts a bloody attack…

Amaranth Cosplay: The Elf Queen at Gen Con [MODEL GALLERY]

As we look forward to the new Gen Con in August, we had a chance to show a couple of cool photoshoots from Gen Con past this week and next week.  Check out my original cosplay for the Elf Queen in the fountain square just outside the convention center that Gen Con is held at in Indianapolis. Model Amaranth Cosplay guest stars with photoshoot by Goth Viking Photography!

Tress of the Emerald Sea [BOOK REVIEW]

Tress of the Emerald Sea is the first of Brandon Sanderson’s Four Mystery novels that broke kickstarter in March of 2022. (As of the writing of this review, the campaign received a staggering $41.8 million dollars, the largest campaign in Kickstarter history.) Tress is the tale of a poor housekeeper and cook who falls into a semi-relationship with Charlie, the Duke’s son—who pretends to be a groundskeeper whenever Tress is around. Tress lives on a remote island on the Emerald Sea—a sea the color of grass due to the type of dangerous spores that fall from one of 12 orbiting moons…

Merry Christmas: DarkestGoth is Back in 2023

After having to shut things down for awhile at DGM during the pandemic, things have finally settled down enough for us to bring DarkestGoth back to all of our fans!


Director: John Landis, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, George Miller Production...