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Tress of the Emerald Sea [BOOK REVIEW]

Tress of the Emerald Sea is the first of Brandon Sanderson’s Four Mystery novels that broke kickstarter in March of 2022. (As of the writing of this review, the campaign received a staggering $41.8 million dollars, the largest campaign in Kickstarter history.) Tress is the tale of a poor housekeeper and cook who falls into a semi-relationship with Charlie, the Duke’s son—who pretends to be a groundskeeper whenever Tress is around. Tress lives on a remote island on the Emerald Sea—a sea the color of grass due to the type of dangerous spores that fall from one of 12 orbiting moons…

Merry Christmas: DarkestGoth is Back in 2023

After having to shut things down for awhile at DGM during the pandemic, things have finally settled down enough for us to bring DarkestGoth back to all of our fans!


Director: John Landis, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, George Miller Production...

Peace on Another’s Terms [BOOK REVIEW]

Ardenai Morning Star, the Thirteenth Dragonhorse and his fleet arrive on the doorstep of Lebonath Jas, a planet on the teetering edge of extinction, poisoned and polluted by its own inhabitants. The Lebonathis sought an alliance with the Affined Equi Worlds and now have the full attention of the Dragonhorse and the Seventh Galactic Alliance. The Lebonathi elite quickly realize entering into such an agreement comes with privileges whether they want them or not. A struggle for the hearts and minds of the Lebonathi citizens challenges the Dragonhorse to walk a very fine line between oppression an

Angelspit: The Ignorance Cartel [ALBUM REVIEW]

Band/Artist: Angelspit Release House: Black Pill Red Pill Genre:...

Scary Movie Night: “Basic Instinct” [DVD/BLU-RAY REVIEW]

Bestselling author, Catherine Tramell is being investigated for suspected murder after her latest novel, “Love Hurts” hits the shelves. Is the book her alibi to cover the homicide of her boyfriend, a retired rock n’ roll star since the murder is carried out exactly as described in the novel? Or is it someone she knows who is brutally obsessed and playing psychopathic twisted mind games with an ice pick?

The Waiting [FILM REVIEW]

Director: F.C. Rabbath Production Company: F.C. Rabbath Creations Genre:...