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Everyone Has A Mental Issue Or They Are In Denial

Welcome to The EHAMIOTAID Project.  I talk about one of, if not the most...

My Silent Wake: Lost in Memories, Lost in Grief [ALBUM REVIEW]

Band/Artist: My Silent Wake Release House: Ardua Music Genre: Epic/Doom...


Band/Artist: Ice Age Release House: Sensory Records Genre: Progressive...

I Dream of LCTC: Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2024 [ARTICLE]

The LCTC (Lexington Comic and Toy Convention) did a wonderful job of separating areas so visitors knew where to go. The escalators had employees at the top and the bottom who could tell you where things were if you got lost, and usually had a smile, compliment or a greeting. On the first floor was where you went to get autographs/meet/greets and some photo opportunities with special guests. There was also a huge LCTC merch booth and snack stand.

Hed P.E.: Detox [ALBUM REVIEW]

Band/Artist: (Hed) P.E. Release House: Suburban Noize Records Genre: Nu...


Although the original Machi Koro received many raves and  award nominations after its release in 2012, there were some consistency issues to playing the game that made it a little more tiresome rather than fun to play. Fortunately, Machi Koro 2 manages to improve on most every issue that the original one had!  

The Moons of Jupiter: Ghosts [EP Review]

Band/Artist: The Moons of Jupiter Release House: Independent Genre:...

Pandora: Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum at Gen Con [MODEL GALLERY]

Pandora gives us her take on Pokémon’s Ash Ketchum at this year’s Gen Con, after a kindly benefactor gifts her with an awesome Pokéball!! Photography by Goth Viking Photography.

Amara Cosplays: STR’s Hizuru Minakata at Gen Con [MODEL GALLERY]

Hizuru Minakata is a very aloof and serious individual. Armed with her giant hammer, she is relentless when going up against shadows, seeking nothing but revenge for the murder of her younger brother Ryunosuke Minakata. She is also shown to be really intelligent can and calculate fast, but also has a caring and kind side to her. Amara Cosplays takes her stab at this iconic character from the edge-of-your-seat time travel anime, Summer Time Rendering!