DGM Modeling Overview

If you’re reading this, you’re new to modeling with DarkestGoth. You may also be new to modeling in the alternative or Gothic space, or just now dipping your toe into modeling of any form.

Regardless of which of these you are, we want to provide an overview to simplify things as we work together. (If you do not yet have an active model account with us, just email us via our contact page and we’ll get you set up.)

What is Gothic and Alternative Modeling?

Despite the popular opinion that Gothic and Alternative models are mimes with wild hair or modern relics trapped in tragic black and white victorian photos, nothing could be further from the truth. While black is often present to some degree in many forms of alternative modeling, it’s often simply there to provide contrast and definition for a colorful array of hues, with a love of vibrant makeup and fantastic outfits being quite common. (Cosplay, fantasy, scifi, pinup, club, and cirque du soleil looks are just as often included in this world as CyberGoth, Victorian, or Steampunk ones.)

The need for self-expression is the driving factor behind alternative modeling, which is extremely embracing of a wide variety of ages, sizes, tattoos, piercings, and even scars. (In most ways, alternative modeling is the antithesis of traditional fashion modeling–especially since many alternative models don’t begin modeling until their late twenties or after they’ve had a child.)

Example Gallery

This example gallery is just a small sample of the modern Gothic flavor.  You can get guidance on submissions at our submission guidelines page.

(For more inspiration, take a look through the models we’ve already featured for inspiration and encouragement at our Model Gallery. )

If you already have a photographer and photos you’re ready to submit, go down to the Things To Remember section below.


If you’re just getting started or don’t have a photographer, follow our Beginning Models Walkthrough below.

Beginning Models Walkthrough

For folks who are new to modeling or just want to have some cool portraits of themselves without tracking down a trained photographer, we collected two helpful resources to show you how to take decent quality images with your smart phone! (You will still need a friend to take the picture, so make sure they at least watch the 2 minute video in this first article.)

Article #1:
“Pro photographer shows how to take a quality portrait with your smart phone and a $10 lamp.” (2 minute video included)

If you want a greater understanding of what you’re doing and what you can tweak, check out:

Article #2:
“Better pictures with your mobile phone”

Once you’ve done a few of these shoots and submitted them as Galleries to DGM, you should know if you enjoy alternative modeling. If you do, move on to the next section.

Intermediate Models Walkthrough

So now you’ve done a few smartphone shoots with your friends, submitted them as galleries to DGM, and you’ve realized you’ve been bitten by the alternative modeling bug.

Now’s the time you’ll want to start working with actual photographers. If you’re like most of us and don’t have the money to hire a professional, there is a wonderful solution in most areas (especially areas around artistic universities).

Alternative group shoots are one of easiest way to find rising photographers for a very small cost (and you often will get to try out 4-5 different photographers in a single day at these events).

To learn more about group shoots, check out our article series on them:
“V’s Guide to Group Shoots: What are group shoots?”

Finding Photographers or Group Shoots

To get into alternative group shoots (or just to find photographers you may wish to work with), it’s recommended that you get an account with U.S.-based Model Mayhem (which is an international site for connecting models and photographers and often have community events like group shoots listed).  Other sites that are more popular internationally are Purple Port and PureStorm (although PureStorm seems to be more dominated by more traditional modeling, rather than alternative). Try to look for sites that have the most postings and events in their chat rooms and bulletin boards in your area.

Although most of the users of these sites are honest folks trying to improve their craft as you are, not all are.  As such, please be careful about what information you post on these pages and check to see what users’ verified ratings are before providing them with extra information about yourself or location.

In addition, be sure to follow the regional community calendars at DarkestGoth, which publishes a number of community events from different groups in the alternative world.

Can I, as a model, submit these images to DGM, or does it need to be the photographer?

For most situations, the answer is, “YES.”  The most common arrangements between a photographer and model permits the model to use images for unpaid publicity work–which our galleries fall into–so long as he/she credits the photographer properly.

Things To Remember

  1. Read our submission guidelines
  2. Try to keep each gallery to one or two shoots, with a total of at least 6 images. (You can post multiple galleries, as well.)
  3. Image sizes are 1000 px wide/high (with one image that’s 1500 px wide for a banner).
  4. Update your profile with a picture and bio paragraph


After you’re logged in, you should be on a page with different colored buttons for submitting articles, galleries, videos, and press releases, as well as buttons to read our submission guidelines, edit submissions, change your profile (which is where you customize your bio, change your password, and put up an official avatar pic), and read DarkestGoth.

After you read our submission guidelines, go ahead and choose to “Submit Gallery” then you’ll choose whether you’re a model or photographer, and whether its single or multiple photographers/models in the gallery. It’ll walk you right through everything.

You’ll get a success message when you post it correctly!


You’re in an exciting world that is really starting to explode, impacting and effecting far more of the world than ever before. We’re so glad to have the opportunity to work with you in your modeling endeavors.