DGM Photography Overview

18595314_1344329672325033_6137343372996500719_oIf you’re reading this, you’re probably new to submitting work to DarkestGoth. You may be a professional photographer for other alternative magazines, or you may be new to model photography in the alternative or Gothic space, or even just now dipping your toe into model photography of any form.  (While we showcase model photography here, you can also submit landscape or still life photography that is of gothic style.)

Regardless of which of these you are, we want to provide an overview to simplify things as we work together. (If you do not yet have an active photographer account with us, you can create one yourself at our registration page or, if you have trouble, just email us via our contact page and we’ll get you set up.)

What is Gothic and Alternative Photography?

Druid PriestessDespite the popular opinion that Gothic and Alternative photography captures mimes with wild hair or modern relics trapped in tragic black and white victorian photos, nothing could be further from the truth.

While black is often present to some degree in many forms of alternative styles, it’s often simply there to provide contrast and definition for a colorful array of hues, with a love of vibrant makeup and fantastic outfits being quite common. (Cosplay, fantasy, scifi, pinup, club, and cirque du soleil looks are just as often included in this world as CyberGoth, Victorian, or Steampunk ones.)

The need for self-expression is the driving factor behind alternative models and photographers, which is extremely embracing of a wide variety of ages, sizes, tattoos, piercings, and even scars. (In most ways, alternative model photography is the antithesis of traditional fashion model photography–especially since many alternative models don’t begin modeling until their late twenties or after they’ve had a child.)

Check out the Example Gallery by clicking the image below to get a good feel of what the modern Gothic/Alternative style is here at DarkestGoth.

Example GalleryIf you already have have photos you’re ready to submit, click the Submission Tutorial Image below.

Submission Tutorial Video (Click Here)

Things To Remember

  1. You’ll automatically go to our Submission page each time you login with your account.  (If you’re already logged in, you can directly go to it with this link.)
  2. Read our submission guidelines
  3. Try to keep each gallery to one or two shoots with the same model, with a total of at least 8-12 images. (You can post multiple galleries, as well.)
  4. Update your profile with a picture and bio paragraph


You’re in an exciting world that is really starting to explode, impacting and effecting far more of the world than ever before. We’re so glad to have the opportunity to work with you in your alternative photography endeavors.