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One Line Description: The online magazine exploring the culture, art, and entertainment of the modern Gothic subculture.

Mission Statement: The goal of DarkestGoth Magazine is to help members of the Gothic Subculture (as well as their allies and admirers) to connect with one another, share their stories and art, and discover news and events that might be especially useful to them.  We do this through our regional event calendars — which include group shoots, parties, dances, conventions, and other cultural events from our community — as well as through targeted interviews, product reviews from a Gothic standpoint, and articles/tutorials about living life in the modern Gothic world.  Three of the things that are most unique about the Gothic Subculture within the Alternative Counterculture are its dark romanticism, its spirituality, and its nerdiness.

Common Misunderstandings about Goths

Goth is a music subculture. The reality is that there is only one SCENE within the Gothic Subculture called the Gothic Music Scene that revolves around music.  But, much like the scenes of Steampunk, Cybergoth, and Angel Goth, scenes are only niche components of any subculture, making up only a small part of the Gothic subculture.  As most members of the Gothic Subculture do not define themselves by their taste in music, it is not one of the defining factors of this subculture.

Goths are Satanists. Although Goths are much more spiritual than many other countercultures, their ways of exploring this spirituality is extremely varied. (The Metal subculture is much more fascinated with Satanic imagery, even though they consider themselves to be a largely atheistic and supernaturally skeptical community.)

Goth photography must be black and white. Although there are some classic images (usually from old monster movies) in black and white that are considered very Gothic, much of the Gothic photography and modeling world is very open to color, often having more in common with the imagery of Cirque du Soleil as with the palette of Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl” video.

Goths wear white facepaint. While there are a few scenes within the Goth subculture that use white facepaint, it’s more common within the Emo and Juggalo communities than it is in the Goth world.

Only Goths wear black.  Although we do tend to like black in our clothing and makeup, it’s so common amongst many of the subcultures within the Alternative CounterCulture (including the Metal Subculture), that it isn’t necessarily a refining characteristic for Goths — especially since many Goth members use black as a contrast tone to pop very bright and vibrant accent colors.

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