About Us

DarkestGoth Magazine was founded by DJ Gomez and Gothviking Paslcato in 2011 and is a web magazine designed to explore the many different facets of the Gothic subculture. This includes music, fashion, movies, philosophy, and much more.

Multifaceted Creation & Generation
DGM expands its knowledge base for our readers both by professionally written articles from Gothic journalists as well as a constantly-growing database of user-submitted articles. We recognize that different individuals have many different viewpoints and opinions on different elements of Goth culture, and our intent is to present a variety of them to the reader. One thing that makes the Goth culture so unique is its combination of dark reality and romanticism, which yields a diversity of tastes and opinions. DGM desire to reflect both the reality of where we are and the possibilities for which we could be headed.

Advice & Encouragement
Another goal of DGM is to help our fellow Goths as they live their daily lives through advice and information on many different areas such as work, school, and other instances which may present its challenges for a culture outside the mainstream. This is done via advice columns, tutorials, and an extensive calendar of events and meetups for Goths all over the world.

Awareness & Improvement
We realize that Goth culture is truly a wonderful gift to the world and that we as Goths are unique and valued individuals. However, we do realize that there are some issues in the culture that need to be addressed in an effort to help it continue to thrive into the future for generations to come.

We understand that Goths desire to be unique as individuals, and it’s also understandable that not all Goths will get along. However, the culture over the last few years has been splintering to the point that each subgroup within the Goth culture appears to be separating itself and moving away from the subculture as a whole. We’re obviously not saying that steampunks and cybergoths don’t ever get along in Goth clubs. However we do realize that in order to thrive and remain strong, we have to get along with each other. And we have to remain united as a subculture. A cybergoth might not be a fan of steampunk, and a steampunk might not be a fan of darkwave. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all be friends. If we can’t accept each other’s differences, Goth culture will only continue to splinter until it ceases to exist.

Artistic Challenges
It’s no secret that many Goths have a tendency to be extremely talented when it comes to art, music, etc. Some have earned tremendous success as authors, musicians, artists, and the like. One of our readers might have the next great novel on their fingertips or the tune to the next big hit inside their heads. DGM is here to encourage Goths to acknowledge, embrace, and utilize their abilities to their fullest potential. Complacency is detrimental in any individual (Goth or not), and we want to help Goths in any way we can to express themselves creatively and to use their talents.

Breaking Stereotypes
Sadly we live in a world full of negative stereotypes and judgements. Mainstream culture still carries a negative predisposition towards Goths due to events such as Columbine and other acts of violence that have been unfairly attributed to the subculture. Our goal at DGM is to debunk the negative stereotypes and show to outsiders that Goths are nonviolent, law-abiding citizens and deserve to be treated as such. The more we establish ourselves, the more eyes will see our site and the more minds we can change. But it takes a lot of work to influence an entire culture, and we can’t do it without your help.

DarkestGoth Magazine is a tool and a resource created for Goths by Goths, without discriminating against non-Goths who want to learn about our culture. This magazine is a way for Goths to express themselves creatively, to express their opinions freely, to help and connect with others in the culture, and to improve themselves. It’s YOUR voice and YOUR magazine. We’re here to help you have the greatest chance to be HEARD.