Mark Rosewater’s “Drive to Work”  [RECOMMENDED PODCAST]

Mark Rosewater’s “Drive to Work” [RECOMMENDED PODCAST]

Type: Podcasts – MtG Design Retrospective
Slogan: “As much as I love talking Magic, what I love even more, is making Magic!”
Description: During his daily commute, lead designer of Magic the Gathering, Mark Rosewater, tells stories of his nearly twenty years designing cards for the hugely successful Collectible Card Game that started it all!
How’d We Run Across Him: “I and a number of our writers started playing Magic after Spellslingers blew up and we were curious to know more about the guy behind the curtain. MaRo’s hilarious anecdotes about creation and design will give you a greater…”

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Nerd’s Domain Podcast [RECOMMENDED PODCAST]

Nerd’s Domain Podcast [RECOMMENDED PODCAST]

Type: Podcasts – Gaming News & Reviews
Slogan: “Fighting the zombie apocalypse, one review at a time!”
Description: Reporting on, interviewing, and reviewing all things related to nerdy culture from RPGs to board games to books.
How’d We Meet Them: “Worked together with Matthew interviewing Jeremy Crawford (of D&D) at GenCon 2015. Really awesome folks over here!” [J.T. Hanke]

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