Goths and RPGs

Why Do We Tend To Be So Attracted To Them?

In this article we will look at role playing games and why Goths may be drawn to them. And though not all Goths are nerds that are drawn to RPGing, many of the ones I know are. I have noticed in my years as a nerd that many people who are attracted to games that allow you to be someone else are Goths. The more control you have over who the character is and what they do, the better. Thus, while many of us like other types of games, we usually favor RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons or Vampire: The Masquerade.

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Perhaps it is due to our very active imaginations. We write songs, poetry, and stories. RPGs are just a story you write with the aid of others. They are a fantastic outlet for creativity. Many times they require more creativity than working by ourselves. Sometimes it can be difficult to create a story on our own, However it is far more difficult if you are in a setting that someone else came up with. You have to fit in the personalities and actions of other people’s characters along with your own. Not only do we get the satisfaction of rising to the occasion, but we also get companionship from it. We are not alone in our endeavor. What more could we ask for?

Goths and D&D

Goths and D&D

But maybe there is another, deeper reason. Could it be because we want to have more control over the world we live in? Are we searching for a way to escape this system that we are but a small part of and have no direct say in what goes on? Perhaps. While the world that the Dungeon Master comes up with may be a horrible place, we are there to fix it and are fully capable of doing so. The game is specifically designed so that we, and only we, can become the hero. Whether it is a quest for long forgotten hoards of treasure and ancient artifacts, or saving a town from the perpetrator of a grizzly string of murders, it is our job to get it done. Whatever the storyline, with our brains and a little luck, we can succeed.

Unfortunately, we are much more limited in the real world. We would like to be able to change it as well, but it is far more difficult. We know what the problems around us are; many goths chose to embrace this way of life as a result of the pain and corruption dealt out by the world. But doing something about it is a different story. Many people are either oblivious to the way the world truly is or they don’t care and are unwilling to do something about it. Goths are a minority, and most people aren’t fond of us. What reason do they have to listen to how we see the world? Because of this, many of us may feel powerless to do anything about what we see. And since it is a difficult burden to carry to see the world without blinders on, especially if we feel like there is no hope for change, we may seek out ways to distract ourselves from it. One thing that is crucial for us to remember though is this: we should not get so wrapped up in our escape that we give up on the real world. We need to try to help the world become a better place. Even if it seems impossible and we keep failing, we must keep trying. The world is only truly hopeless if the people who see the evil going on do nothing to stop it. 

Author: Lady Seraph

I was born in 1992, though I often feel as if I should have been born before then. I am just now starting to carve my own niche out of the subculture. I'm not really one specific kind of Goth; I'm the type who would wear a Victorian gown with a deathhawk and a nosechain, or whatever other combination I feel like. I keep what I like and don’t bother with the rest. Though that’s not to say that I don’t have many a day where I feel like adhering to one specific genre. I am a nerd as well. I enjoying RPGing, I had a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 group at one time, though it’s not together anymore. Until I get a new group, I make due with text RPGs. I was the type of child whom you would never see without a book in hand. I’ve been reading ever since I could remember. I am rather fond of mythology and thriller/horror stories. My love of reading, paired with a very broad and active imagination, has lead to my love of writing. I write mostly poetry and short fiction stories, though occasionally I attempt longer pieces.

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  1. Great piece! Didn’t know you were a fellow RPG-phile! My personal poisons are Marvel Super Heroes (the classic TSR version) and Dungeons & Dragons. I enjoy the escapism and the act of group storytelling, plus the opportunity to try on different character roles (especially as a game master).

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    • I’ve been interested in RPGs since I was 13, but I never got to play until I was 18. I found a group that played DnD and a few games they came up with themselves. Of course, with DnD we had many, many house rules, but it was still fun. At the moment though I’m groupless, so I have to make due with text RPs.

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