Day 419 – The Film [FILM]

You’ve been reading the post-apocalyptic Day 419 saga since it came out here at DGM at the end of last month. Well now you can watch the entire film in four back to back episodes, starring Kat Carney as Jenna Whitmore, Eric Henninger as Nash Fitch, Tim Smith as Andre Flanagan, David Haney as James Rockland, and the voice of Clark Kidwell as Gavin Hesterdale!

Follow the dark path of undercover journalist Jenna Whitmore as her special gifts and problems make her the world’s most unlikely savior!


Author: JT Hanke

J.T. Hanke is the founder and former editor of DarkestGoth Magazine. Stepping down as editor in 2019, he currently serves as its technical adviser and a contributing writer.

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