Leslie Fenix: Angels & Cybergoths [GALLERY]

Leslie Fenix as Angel & Cybergoth

Leslie Fenix as Angel & Cybergoth

Leslie Fenix, the 2013 DarkestGoth Girl, unveils her edgy personality in this brand new photo gallery from her “Angels & Cybergoths” shoot. And showcasing the new image gallery technology we’ll be using more in the future, you can vote up the pix you especially like and even favorite images (which, in the future, you’ll be able to see in a special gallery of your own)!

In addition to the shoot for DGM, she’s in talks to play the photographic model for the multiple personality character “Banshee” in World of Depleted’s new Gothic Private Investigator Novel, Gray Eyes of Death.

Click here to check out her new Gallery.

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