Isabel Sznurkowski: Out of the Kitchen [GALLERY]

The Gothic Chef shows that it’s not just conventions and counters that she knows her way around! In her first modeling shoot for DGM, she explores stairways and flamboyant makeup!
Model: Isabel Sznurkowski
Principle Photography by: Leo Photography
Additional Photography by: GothicHeartsandBatwings


Author: Izzy the Goth Chef

Isabel "Izzy" Sznurkowski. Creative nut, blogger, artist, culinary student, gore/horror movie lover (alright most kinds) and simply a sweet girl with a love for the darker, outlandish, obscene, aberrant things in life. I'm a photographer in the spare time when not on the computer, a model for Darkest Goth Online Magazine and a health nut (don't ask why, too long of an explanation) majority of the time. I love anything that is a challenge yet exciting and being in the kitchen is one of those, just as my art and basically my whole life. It's an eccentric yet sweet one at that, couldn't ask for better. Things are only getting started, but I have much to enjoy. Tons of Love Bites, Izzy

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  1. You are beautiful, Izzy! 😀

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