Goth Chef’s Version of the Pumpkin King Shot [RECIPE]

Pumpkin King Shots

Pumpkin King Shot (as featured in Secrets of the Booze “Pumpkin King Shot.”)

Hey you guys, the Goth Chef is back and, boy, do I have something for you! We all know that Fall is here (or so we can feel it arriving) and during this time of season there’s nothing better than enjoying yourself a hot cup of cocoa and sitting nestled by the fire watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Wonderful scenery I just mention wasn’t it? -sigh- Makes me melt, but sorry to kill it for you kiddies; it’s time to join me behind the bar and get you liquor skills going! Although, before we get started you may want put those who suck their thumbs to bed, so the ones who have their ID’s can get their drinks on. Now, you may be asking yourselves “Has she cracked?”… “Is Izzy REALLY turning into Izcentric?”  Both those statements are true, but all in the best of ways!

I’m asking you to join me to learn how to make a treat you’ll NEVER forget and always dish out during the Fall Season for every special occasion and every party you can think of! Or, if you’re greedy and like to treat yourself to something nice more often, this is just the ticket. 😉

But what does this have to do with The Nightmare Before Christmas? Well it’s your lucky day/night, for I am going to teach you how to make –drumroll- “The Pumpkin King Shot”!

If you have not seen this movie, then you must immediately do so NOW before attempting this or even tasting it- shame on you guys! Now, if you have a YouTube, you may have run across an amazing channel called aggressivecomix. Well, if you’re someone who enjoys a good drink or having fun in the kitchen with liquor, they have a series called Secret of The Booze which I so happened to stumble upon.

So I got curious like a cat and started watching the series of videos and picked up these creative ways to make these famous–or not-so famous–drinks. One of which I stumbled upon, which you’ve already guessed, was related to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. To tell the truth though, what caught my attention was not the relation to The Nightmare Before Christmas; it was the title “The Pumpkin King Shot”.  I don’t know about you, but mention the word pumpkin and you have my attention.

Anyway, I got to thinking. You guys deserve something good this Fall and to make up for my shitty absence, I thought that this would be a nice treat and something fun that everyone would enjoy.

Alrighty, so let’s get started!

Credit: Original recipe is not mine, but there are slight modifications that have been done to fit to my liking, thus allowing my article to be fair use due to the commentary it provides on the original recipe. I am basing it off ingredients and recipe recommended from this episode of Secret of the Booze (which is embedded below). (To see more  from the wicked series, go to Secret of The Booze Playlist.)


  •  2 Spoonfuls (2 TBSP) of premade pumpkin or butterscotch pudding (I never bother making the ones from the boxes since they’re very easy to screw up if you’re not paying attention so I recommend already made, yeah I know.. the horror!)
  • 1 oz. Captain Morgan
  • Whipped Cream
  • Candy Corn



  • In a glass or mixing glass add 2 TBSP of pumpkin pudding
  • For every spoonful of pudding, add half an ounce of Captain Morgan (i.e. 1 oz.)
  •  Mix well, pour into shot glass and put in the fridge (not freezer) for 30 minutes. If it’s not thick enough for your liking, mix in a bit of heavy cream ‘till satisfied! (However, I find nothing to worry over since it turns out just right with these measurements.)
  • Whipped cream I make homemade ALWAYS! (Here’s a free recipe.  <– whipped cream ingredients here.) But if you’re a lazy ass at times (shame on you AGAIN), simply go to your local grocery store and purchase your whipped cream there.
  •  After 30 minutes have rolled on by, take you pudding shot out from its cold home and swirl whipped cream on top of drink. Then decorate with two candy corns or dust it with cinnamon- which is what I do- and devour! ^,.,^


Enjoy you guys!

-          The Goth Chef

 P.S. As promised, to see the original video, watch and learn below!


Author: Izzy the Goth Chef

Isabel "Izzy" Sznurkowski. Creative nut, blogger, artist, culinary student, gore/horror movie lover (alright most kinds) and simply a sweet girl with a love for the darker, outlandish, obscene, aberrant things in life. I'm a photographer in the spare time when not on the computer, a model for Darkest Goth Online Magazine and a health nut (don't ask why, too long of an explanation) majority of the time. I love anything that is a challenge yet exciting and being in the kitchen is one of those, just as my art and basically my whole life. It's an eccentric yet sweet one at that, couldn't ask for better. Things are only getting started, but I have much to enjoy. Tons of Love Bites, Izzy

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