New Stillborn Diz CD Available Now [USER PRESS RELEASE]

The Black Slumber Of The Vampire.

Stillborn Diz – RED MOON ERA CD is out now!

Red Moon Era Cover

Red Moon Era Cover

RED MOON ERA is the 2nd album of the Stillborn Diz band.

This dark album about death, disappointment, pain, loneliness, sadness, anger, slumber, hell… All the ingredients in one Gothic romance… The painful story…

It is dedicated for all people who suffer around the world, for all dears who was gone away from us, for cruel and cold angel of death, for human’s hot hearts… Please, don’t forget about kindness for your dears and for people around you… Please, don’t forget about death… Please smile now for your friends and family.. Just be yourself.

And, please, enjoy the album!!

Listen to the full album for free here:

Stillborndiz Facebook

If you want to download or buy the CD:

Click Here

Check out this awesome RED MOON ERA review and STILLBORN DIZ interview

by Lord Malignus:


#RED MOON ERA review and STILLBORN DIZ interview#



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