Beauty in Scars [ESSAY]

[Editor’s Note: DarkestGoth Writer, Goth Thom, has survived more than most people. Over the last year alone, he’s spent much of the year rehabilitating from multiple ruptures in his back and preparing for surgery. In the midst of this, he wrote the following essay which we felt should be shared with our readers!-JT]

It’s alright, it’s okay if you can’t find the words to say.
Let your voice start to break because it’s beautiful.
It’s okay, it’s alright if it’s so bright it hurts your eyes
Bring your scars into the light because they’re beautiful.

The silent comedy, simple thing.

We hide our scars, both physical and mental as if they were shameful things to be buried in the darkest part of our hearts and minds.

Somehow these things become marks of shame; they separate us from others.

But really think about it. We live in a world that has teeth and it has sharp edges. Tragic and painful things rain down on good people. And where they strike they leave a mark. They leave badges of honor upon us and label us survivors; ones who were tested by adversity.

Scars show character and that battles with pain and hurt didn’t lay us low. We made it through a patch of hell and can do it again if needs be. It doesn’t separate us, it unifies us. We all have scars. All of us are broken. Most of our wounds, however, don’t show.

Realizing this can birth a beautiful thing: Mercy.

That empathy towards each other, that in pain we are alike. That we need love. Sometimes , we need a hand to pull us up or a shoulder to cry on. And that it’s okay to do so.

Our scars show others we know the way through adversity. Because we made it through hell, we are guides to others and we can help them find their way out. Make their trial a little less lonely.

These scars define our humanity. Even Jesus, who was resurrected perfect, kept the scars of the cross and spear. He was All God but also all human. His scars are reminders of us. Of the lengths love will go to. The prices it’ll pay to be with the ones who steal your heart.

So don’t hide your scars because they’re beautiful. 

Author: Goth Thom

Goth Thom is a sculptor with tribal tendencies, a razor sharp mind, and great enjoyment of friends, weapons, and sculpture. He lives in the wilds of Northern Ohio.

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