Vamp Bites: On The band, ‘nolongerhuman’ [MUSIC EDITORIAL]

It’s been centuries since my last article here at DGM, so I’m sure a few of you are secretly choking me behind closed doors. Granted I know that you’re not the only ones doing just that, but I promise you, it’s not been fun and games during my absence. Having started the university, there’s been far more pressure on the work and my performance. It’s like a whole other world; so I was only capable of focusing on one ‘plate’ at a time, until I figured out this crazy new place. Otherwise, I would never have gotten a hold of things. But enough about me, I’m not what’s important.

I’ve been dying to talk about this band for a while now; unfortunately things just got in the way- I should say life got in the way.. Despite those distractions, it never hindered the progression of my writing nor did it divert my attention from something that I truly enjoy and have been looking forward to talk about. Luckily, I found the opportunity to finally post this long-awaited article- damn right long-awaited! And so I present to you, the industrial/EBM band nolongerhuman!

nolongerhuman 2

This band has not only hit the major targets to position itself in a person’s favorite band list- it sure is in my top 10, but has continued to create thought provoking lyrics, harsh beats and wicked music that has you begging for more over the span of 6 album releases! That’s one hell of great job and dedication mixed with persistence put into one’s craft. You’d think eight years into his career; Clint Robertson (the founder, vocalist and brains behind nolongerhuman) would have conformed to the ‘music’ of today and lose touch with his main focus behind his ever growing project. Well, sorry to break it to you kiddies, but the rather than settling down in a comfortable position with music that screams boring, mainstream music industry; the man has spunk and is hitting the industrial scene head on!

What with the release of the newest project ‘Withdrawal’, though a tad different from the heavy, beat driven, yet listenable, melodic songs we’ve had the pleasure listening and growing addicted to- I know I have; ‘Withdrawal’ does not only offer the same great beats, but has something new in store for all you fans out there who’ve stopped, listened, thought and infested yourselves and others with these great beats nolongerhuman creates for us all to enjoy. It’s killer! There’s a lot to be expected and if you’ve been good and kept up to date with the announcements on their official facebook page nolongerhuman.official, then you’ve already heard the great news of nlh’s return to the West Coast and the long awaited and overdue show.

stop listen think infest

Opening for the legendary Leather Strip means something big, so get you gear set, make sure to look wicked cool and ready yourselves for a killer performance by nolongerhuman, LIVE May 20th, in Seattle, Washington. I don’t believe a better band would do it justice to open for Leather Strip, and if you agree then you’ve done your homework well, for you would know Leather Strip’s influence has been most felt in the EBM and electro-industrial scene/genres. Though not an innovator to EBM/Industrial music, nolongerhuman has and is blowing the minds of many as well as their expectations; from raging shows that leave you pumped fool of energy and crazy screaming fans tugging at their hair. It’s a band not to miss live and one that personifies society, perfectly within its lyrics that gives you a sense of curiosity and provokes you to do something everyone seems to have forgotten how to do; think!

withdrawal nolongerhuman

I’ve yet to be disappointed when listening to nolongerhuman. The band really uphold’s to its motto’s “music for the intelligent” and “this is thought crime;” not to mention really delivers one hell of a performance. I don’t believe I’ve come across an EBM band that has stayed this dedicated to their work and continues to do so. So go on, give a listen to the songs, visit the band page for more information on the band and news on merchandise for fans interested in owning anything with creepy crawlies- after all, how are you to infest the world with nolongerhuman without a roach on your front or back?

This is Izcentric, signing out! 

Author: Izcentric

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