Worldwide Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: 2014 Edition [ARTICLE/UPCOMING EVENT]

A very interesting and funny event will take place the next sunday all over the world, for all those  who loves motorcycles and likes to think in an alternative way.

It’s the  Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, a very successful event  that has already reached the third edition

In 2012 Mark Hawwa, an expert on Australian Marketing and great special motorcycle enthusiast  as bobber, classic, cafe racer etc., sees a picture of Don Draper, the protagonist in the cult TV series “Mad Men”, in a suit and tie on a Triumph Bonneville. Mark begins to think that is necessary to abandone the stereotype of motorcyclist crude and rude, because even motorcyclists may be true Gentlemen .

And so, the next september 28, 2014, in over 250 cities in all the world  will be held the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, during which groups of enthusiasts  motorcycle  will become perfect Gentlemen and they’ll  realize a unique city ride.

After the big success of the 2012 and 2013 editions,  on September 28 it  will once again be the date on which, regardless of wealth, gender, race, religion or political belief, the bikers will all be equally distinct and refined and they’ll be so for two good reasons: charity and fun. In fact, the DGR is primarily an initiative that aims to raise funds for research into prostate cancer. To participate you must wear a classic suit and ride a motorcycle as classical, or rather extraordinary. It matters little whether recent or vintage, what it counts is the style! It will be normal to wear a frak, or a monocle, briefcases have signed or chauffeur in livery, bring the bow tie or waxed mustache, pipe smoking, drinking tea or a whiskey on the rocks, landing the bike by private jet or have a passenger in evening dress.

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Mariarita Cupersito 

Author: Mariarita Cupersito

Mariarita Cupersito is an Italian gothic writer. She collects Venetian masks, reads lots of books, comics and manga. She loves music, all Tim Burton's movies, and, sometimes, she tries extreme sports.

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