We Made It This Far: A Katrina Survivor’s Tale [POEM]

We Made It This Far!

Steadily and fiercely,

A swirling black vortex of terror,

lightning bolts blind your eyes.

Thunder growls like a rabbid beast closing in on its next meal.

There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

The world you know seen blown from your sight.

Cover your ears, but there’s no way to stop it.

A little boys eyes, filled with tears,

begging his mommy to banish his fears..

Please mommy make it go away,

make it stop mommy

I don’t want to die today.

Chaos, madness, helplessness and despair,

you can close your eyes but death is everywhere.

No glimmer of hope, no end in sight.

The beast was so hungry, she turned day into night.

Paralyzed with fear, I held my son near,

“I can’t make it stop baby” I whispered in his ear,

But I was there when I bore you, such a small precious life,

and I am here holding you now, with the end near in sight”…

I closed my eyes and could only cry,

knowing I could not save my babys life.

I hear a whisper from the beast that began to take flight,

Heroes Broke through with such strength and might.

Crippled with fear and no more strength to fight,

he was swept up and carried, they held him so tight.

Hysteria and panic tearing through the air, yet somehow a prayer,

Our guardian angels were there.

Like a chariot of armor they took us away,

with shock and disbelief,

trying so hard not to grieve

We held each other close, just so we could breathe

and impossible to understand what we were forced to believe.

This incredible force, with such strength and anger,

did not single us out, or set out to destroy us,

She opened our eyes to what could be before us.

She never asked for forgiveness, which I could never give her,

there’s just too much loss, too much pain.

Everything gone in the thunder and rain.

The two of us, swept away with only each other to heal each others pain…

I still hear the thunder, I still smell the rain and with every breath I take,

I still feel the pain

We Survived, that’s right,

put up one hell of a fight,

but even now, when I turn out the lights,

I know my world will never be right…

–By Me, Katrina Survivor, Toppaz

Author: Toppaz Jade

Magic is everywhere, let's make some~*~*

My name is Toppaz and I have been doing photography and modeling for the past 10 or so years. As you can see I have a certain style but I have no limits. I can do every genre from fantasy to family, sports or events, weddings and "those Magic Moments"... You name it, I will create it for you!!

I Started out this journey just modeling, but i got interested in the behind the scenes, and being someone who was a bit insecure before, i knew i wanted to show people what true beauty they have but may not see because maybe they were like me.

Once i saw my first photo by an amazing photographer i saw the beauty everyone else saw.. How amazing would it be if i could do the same for people..I just took it to another level by adding my crazy, colorful,and fun spunky style, and next thing you know, I am now Both! A Model, and a photographer!!

Pricing for photo shoots vary so feel free to email or Facebook me for prices.

I also provide all hair and makeup services unless the client wishes to use their own.

If you would like to book me for modeling or for a photo shoot just message me.

I do not do TF or TFP work at this time.

My email is toppazjadeimagry@gmail.com and I always check and respond messages on here.

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