Jenna Raytor: Bringing the Electricity [GALLERY]

Model: Jenna Raytor


Image 9 (“Hypnotic”) and Image 1 (“Mask”) –  Michael Lynch

Image 2 (“Feeling Red Again”) , Image 3 (“Trapped”), and Image 6 (“Oh so Frightened!”) – Toren Castle

Image 4 (“Catwalk”) – Braille Korp Photography

Image 5 (“Deceptively Innocent”) and Image 8 (“Poster Girl”) – J.P. Photo

Image 7 (“On Stage”) – Mike C Images

Author: Jenna Raytor

Rocker, model, and nekro dancer, Jenna Raytor is a triple threat who swims through the alternative world of Cincinnati, OH, equal parts angel fish and great white shark.

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