Jill Valentine: Maid Valentine [GALLERY]

This gallery of photos is paying homage to my favorite season of American Horror Story. I love the bit where the husband sees the maid as a young sexy red head but the wife sees her for how she really is. The photographer is Jerry Schlagheck with Vault51 Productions.


Jerry Schlagheck

Vault 51 Webpage


Jill Valentine

Jill’s Webpage


Author: Jill Valentine

I don't want to look like anybody else, I don't want to be put in a girl-only show, and I definitely don't want to be a business bitch. I'm a young woman trying to find myself, not to mention a relative sense of balance, while also striving to succeed at what makes me happy; that being an artist with a flare for living as a character of the arts, so to speak. A self-described "weirdo," nevertheless quite relatable, and both qualities come across in my artwork and photographs. Art has always been for me an exploration of limits, a testing of the soul, and a voyage of the imagination. Art dares to liberate the unruly mind, lethally and sometimes obscenely. My goal is to create artwork and photographs that are beautiful and distinctive, and at times possibly even shocking.

To learn more about my work with the film production company I co-created, go to: Vault51 Productions

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