Parket: A Telltale Thanksgiving [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

[Editor’s Note: While this was originally inspired by a macabre look at Valentine’s Day, Parket’s Puritan outfit and her submission of this so close to Thanksgiving here in the United States, where we often make the act of eating — or gluttony — into an act of rapture was far too intriguing for me to resist. With that said, I share a romantic homage to Edgar Allen Poe (in honor of our DarkestGoth Girl’s literary proclivities) and sacrificial gifts with you this Thanksgiving. -JT]

It’s a romantic love story, where the boy gifts his heart… literally. For those, who prefer horror instead of pink postcards and sweet poems.


Nikolay Krauz

Photographer FB



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Author: Parket

Parket was the Official DarkestGoth Spokesmodel for 2016.

I'm 26 years old. I was born in Russia and have been living here until now. I've finished University as a Philologist, now I'm getting my Master's degree. My main hobby is a photo. I started modeling since 2010. My favorite styles are Gothic, Cybergothic, Horror, Surreal. Sometimes I make cosplays. I like to create unusual and bright images and embody them.

I also go in Industrial dance and historical dances. Sometimes I take a part in dance videos, music videos and performances during concerts of our local bands. Besides, I'm an author of short stories and have published already two collections. I was an editor-in-chief of Russian Industrial Online Magazine ZRDE and organized Victorian Picnics in our city.

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  1. That’s an inngeious way of thinking about it.

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  2. Gosh, I just had a thought/question… since you are sans conditioner, is combing your hair out after a shower a chore? My hair tends to get oily and the only reason I use conditioner is to get that comb through my thick hair.

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