Editor’s Recut: The Star Wars Prequels Become Watchable [ARTICLE/VIDEO]

The stunning Natalie Portman from the prequels.With Star Wars Episode VII coming our next week, if you’re like us, you’ve already watched through the Steelbooks of episodes IV, V, and VI! But wouldn’t it be great if somehow the prequels hadn’t sucked, so you could watch those too? If there had been an editor who could’ve told George Lucas ‘No’ on some of the bad ideas that made it into those films?
Well, it may have taken 16 years, but, finally, someone has indeed made the impossible happen! Someone found a way to re-edit the prequels so professionally you’ll be sure it was an inside job at LucasFilm, successfully making versions of these films that you will actually WANT to watch, not blot from your memory.
Some of the changes include:
  • shortening of duller stretches of dialogue
  • replacement of all Gungan dialogue with alien speech and intelligent dialogue subtitles
  • tighter pacing throughout
  • returning Natalie Portman’s speaking register to its natural pitch
  • making Anakin feel less whiny
  • removal of all reference of mitochlorians and pseudo-science in conjunction to the Force
If you want to truly understand how powerful editing is, these “Anti-Cheese Edits” will convince you!  (Much love to the folks at Collider Jedi Council for cluing us into this great set.)
And if the folks at LucasFilm discover this amazing edit, the fans of Star Wars would love to encourage you to hire this amazing editor and actually release these edits officially–at least as an option in the ultimate edition release of the BluRays! 

Author: JT Hanke

J.T. Hanke is the founder and current editor-in-chief of DarkestGoth Magazine. Founded in 2012, DGM took a break from publishing at the height of the pandemic so that all the staff could work through their own issues, but was able to return in January of 2023.

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