Gothic Interior & Home Decor: It’s Not Difficult! [STYLE ARTICLE]

Are you fond of Gothic style and want to see it in your apartment? I’m sure, if you’re like me, then you say, “Yes”. Of course, it’s not so easy to make a Medieval or dark and aristocratic setting. More precisely, it’s not affordable for most of us. However, don’t give up. I’ll tell about some simple things, which helped me to create a Gothic atmosphere at my home.

Actually, the easiest room for modification is your bathroom. Why? There is not as much space to fill and not as much furniture to decorate it.

How to beautify it? The most popular way is to create horror style. A curtain, towel and mat with blood spots will scare every guest. Personally I’ve bought all of this on Ebay, but you can make it by yourself. Just find ruby red paint and be creative with a dripping paint brush. (Thanks to that, I’ve made blood spots on my mirror.)

It’s no secret that stuff in the Gothic style can be funny, luxurious, or even frightening. Personally, I prefer frightening things.

First of all, pictures on the walls. There are special shifting pictures, which transform the usual portrait to animated horror. I’ve gotten some of these as gifts, but I’ve also seen them in many shops. Sculptures can also create dark atmosphere and many of them are not expensive. Almost the whole space could be covered with artificial spider web, which can be purchsed, for example, on Ebay. Also, have as many candles as possible, as they look very impressive.

Let’s talk about a kitchen. If you haven’t an opportunity to create a Witch’s Kettle, you can fill your room with witchy Gothic stuff. Stick old paper labels on simple glass bottles and write down titles, like “poison,” “mercury,” “potion,” etc. Also, fill them with paint water (for darker colors) or food-color tinted water (for lighter colors): green, red or black. Add deadwood, artificial insects, tentacles or other strange, scary things. And put these bottles on a windowsill, shelves, a table. You’ll find a lot of useful stuff in carnival shops. I’ve got a stand for toothpicks in voodoo style, a bowl, which looks like spider web, and notepad called “Witch’s Culinary Book”.

Take a look at some of the images below to get ideas for your own Gothic house of horrors!

I hope, that this advice and images help you to make your personal Gothic apartment! 

Author: Parket

Parket was the Official DarkestGoth Spokesmodel for 2016.

I'm 26 years old. I was born in Russia and have been living here until now. I've finished University as a Philologist, now I'm getting my Master's degree. My main hobby is a photo. I started modeling since 2010. My favorite styles are Gothic, Cybergothic, Horror, Surreal. Sometimes I make cosplays. I like to create unusual and bright images and embody them.

I also go in Industrial dance and historical dances. Sometimes I take a part in dance videos, music videos and performances during concerts of our local bands. Besides, I'm an author of short stories and have published already two collections. I was an editor-in-chief of Russian Industrial Online Magazine ZRDE and organized Victorian Picnics in our city.

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  1. Is that really all there is to it because that’d be fleagbrgastinb.

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  2. c9Excellent thinking. Im curious to feel what type of impact this would have globally? Sometimes individuals get a bit upset with global expansion. Ill check back to see what you’ve to say.24

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  3. Tack Hanna! Det har varit lite bättre idag. Har försökt fokusera pÃ¥ roliga saker och planer för framtiden som känts bra. 🙂 Nu ska jag ut i nattstormen med hunden ocksÃ¥ sÃ¥ somnar man gott pÃ¥ det! :)Ha det bra själv!

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  4. Voilà une façon très réussie de déguster le saumon!Il y a un an, je faisais ta connaissance à Soissons : de beaux souvenirs! Je te souhaite un salon aussi joyeux que celui de 2011!Bises,Lou

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