Lovely Ladies of DarkestGoth: The 2017 Spokesmodel Announcement [NEWS/ANNOUNCEMENT]

Each year, the DGM Spokesmodel represents DarkestGoth and the Gothic community at large through spokesmodel galleries, event coverage, promotional material, articles, and interviews. To help accomplish this, they receive press credentials so that they have the special access they require to events, festivals, cons, and parties. This is not only a rare honor, but it’s also a responsibility, because they are helping our readers to live vicariously through them throughout the year they reign.

Because of the unique needs of this position, every year, we search across the globe for a model who represents the Gothic community and themselves so well that they are a perfect fit to represent us all.

This past year has been the most in-depth search we’ve done to date, with applicants submitting galleries, articles, videos, and promotions of DarkestGoth.

As this has been such a difficult challenge, we wanted the winner of our DarkestGoth Spokesmodel search to receive a special treasure that they could keep long after their reign was over. As such, we arranged a special work of art to be designed by Italian jeweler, Matt the Jewel, as a piece of jewelery, with the piece being shipped to the winner of the contest. He went above and beyond to create this incredible broach that our winner will receive!

(For readers who are interested in other artwork that Matt the Jewel has designed, he has graciously extended a special 10% off discount with the code “DGMspoke” until the end of 2017 if you contact him .)

DarkestGoth Spokesmodel Custom Piece

DarkestGoth Spokesmodel Custom Piece. (Piece by Matt the Jewel.)

In this journey to our announcement, we discovered that two models were so close to each other throughout the process that we decided to create a new position: the Vice Spokesmodel.

Much like the Vice President of the United States, the Vice Spokesmodel will carry on complementary duties to the Spokesmodel and, should the Spokesmodel be unable to complete her reign, then the Vice Spokesmodel will assume the mantle. (Additionally, the Vice Spokesmodel will have additional time to prove herself through her involvement, potentially increasing her chances of winning the next year’s Spokesmodel title.)

With no further ado…

the winner of the 2016 Vice Spokesmodel position is…

Canada’s own fashionista model, Aly Goo!

Aly recorded her acceptance message for you to watch here!

Which leaves us with the grand prize winner.

And the the winner of the 2016 DarkestGoth Spokesmodel position is…

…New Zealand’s own Briana Sullivan!

Briana recorded her acceptance message for you to watch here!

You’ll be seeing more content from both ladies in the upcoming year and, before then, be
sure to tune into DarkestGoth for our upcoming Spotlight interviews of both Briana and Alygoo!

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