Naamah: The Ravennate Witch [USER MODEL GALLERY]

During a day off in Ravenna my love took some pictures of me, and called this set The Ravennate Witch 

Photographer: Alessandro “Lucian” Canovi

For more pictures of me and my pets please visit:

Author: Naamah

«I'm a little bat lost in the night.» Hello everyone, My name is Laura (Naamah for the dark scene), I'm a philosopher and I am deeply interested in Antrophology, Religions, Witchcraft and Feticism. I love horror movies but I also like fantasy, fantascientific, and cinecomics. I love industrial metal as well as black metal, folk metal, darkwave and ebm. I've entered the dark scene when I was 13, but I grew up listening to Queen, Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson, and so on. I met my fiancé when I was 14 and it was love at the first bite, even if he stands for the Team Lycans and Team Iron Man. I verified on my skin the hate towards the strange and different ones, I'm from South Italy and here, in the North, a lot of people thinks that we are rude; furthermore I'm a "gothic chick" and for this highschool was the worst period of all my life. What else should I say? Oh, right... I'm an alternative model for fun, so... Enjoy!

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