She’s beauty; she’s grace; she’s here to dominate.

No one has ever wanted to be the first loser, and in the pageant world, “First Runner Up” can be a haunting memory. In fact, if you’re not familiar with pageants, not only is the first runner up second place and has to wait through all the other names JUST to be announced second last, but they normally leave both the winner and first runner up alone to center stage to single out the winner and let the second place winner to doddle off stage while her pageant sister takes the lime light.

LUCKILY Aly isn’t a poor spirit, and the title of Vice-Spokes Model is not only an honor to receive, but this is a great opportunity to grow and prosper in the Gothic community.

In this shoot, Aly was able to mix beauty and grace, and a bit of horror. With a new dress, doubled up necklaces, hand made crown and sash, and makeup inspiration from Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick from Vancouver, Aly Goo wants to show you that she’s no softy, and hopes you’re all pumped for 2017 here at DarkestGoth Magazine.


Aly Goo

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Kelly Robitaille

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Author: Aly Goo

Aly Goo is the DarkestGoth Vice Spokesmodel for 2017

Aly is an alt model/MUA/stylist from Ontario Canada. With international publications, a great following, and lots of resources under her belt, Aly Goo is a fun, loving, dark model who is aiming to take the world by storm!

With 5 years experience, Aly Goo hopes that not only can she represent great companies, magazines, and products, but that she can also inspire more models to pursue their goals and ambitions to be models.

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