Himitsu: Refection [ART GALLERY]

This is an artistic, expressive gothic photography book. It doesn’t focus on the fashion entirely, nor does it use an elaborate outfit- but the scene, pose and mood were the important part.


I wanted to do a vampire-themed photoshoot because I love the cool, sexy, powerful aura of these blood-drinking creatures (and I happen to have a strong blood fetish.) I wanted them to feel elegant, sexy, powerful, with a touch of animal-like lust….like a very sophisticated monster- That is often how I feel in life.


I commissioned a friend, a designer on Etsy also based in Seattle, to take these shots. It was my first time doing retouching and I had to learn a lot of new skills, which I very much enjoyed, as frustrating as it sometimes got.


The full photobook is available on my website- there are 20 images and each one is close to my heart. I hope it will become close to anothers’ as well. If you like it, please support my work (I am also a musician and have much more material slated for this year.) by joining the fanclub- $50 a year gets you free digital downloads of all my work! You will have my love and gratitude~


More previews, the hardcover and digital book are available on www.enigmatic-music.net.



Model Page


M. Romero

Photographer Etsy Page


Author: Himitsu

Vincent Snow / Himitsu ( 秘密 ) is a female-to-male transsexual visual and musical artist currently residing in Seattle, WA. He is currently an electronic solo artist under the project name 'enola reven', and a designer for his shops, The Realm of Secrets and The Hidden Box. His work draws influence from life experiences, various musical genres and scenes, nature, religion and philosophy. You can find all of his work and contact information for fans & for business on the website.

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