Kelly Robiatille Photography: Dark Visions [PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY]

Canadian graphic artist, turned photographer. Kelly turns her portrait photography into works of art.


Kelly Robitaille

Kelly Robitaille Webpage

Model #1

Aly Goo

Images Credit: #1 – #4

Aly Goo’s Page

Model #2

Catherine Marie

Images Credit: #5

Catherine’s Page

Model #3

Starlotte Satine

Images Credit: #6

Starlotte’s Page

Model #4

Scarlotte Edwards

Images Credit: #7

Scarlotte’s Page

Model #5

Jessie Smith

Images Credit: #8 – #9

Jessie’s Page

Author: Aly Goo

Aly Goo is the DarkestGoth Vice Spokesmodel for 2017

Aly is an alt model/MUA/stylist from Ontario Canada. With international publications, a great following, and lots of resources under her belt, Aly Goo is a fun, loving, dark model who is aiming to take the world by storm!

With 5 years experience, Aly Goo hopes that not only can she represent great companies, magazines, and products, but that she can also inspire more models to pursue their goals and ambitions to be models.

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