Kelly Robiatille: Dark Artist [ARTIST INTERVIEW]

Black Widow (Photo by Kelly Robiatille featuring author Aly Goo.)

Black Widow (Photo by Kelly Robiatille featuring author Aly Goo.)

Canadian graphic designer Kelly Robiatille turned to photography in 2012 and we recently featured a gallery of her art here at DarkestGoth.

Kelly always had an appreciation for dark visual arts and as she dabbled in photography you can see throughout her work she began to bring this appreciation, and her design work, into photography. Within time Kelly established herself as a great photographer with a dark aesthetic. Even though that in itself was something to be proud of, Kelly wished to take her art to a whole new level. I  have had the privilege to work with her closely, and connect with her, and She was more than happy to share her insight and tell me her story.

Aly Sally (Photo by Kelly Robiatille featuring author Aly Goo.)

Aly Sally (Photo by Kelly Robiatille featuring author Aly Goo.)

Kelly, what would you consider your biggest inspiration for the dark themes in our art?

“I would say my biggest inspirations come from imagery that I’ve seen throughout my entire life. I find all things a little darker, dramatic and macabre visually appealing. My current inspirations are director Tim burton; I love the way he visualizes his characters, the whimsy he portrays and the emotion that exudes from them. Angelina Wrona, who is a Canadian artist. She paints little girls with huge eyes. Most of her girls have a dark backstory, but in the end they always come out on top. I am also very inspired by the photographer Amanda Diaz. Her work is very romantic and whimsical.”

As an artist you must come to creative blocks, what would you consider your motivation to push through them to pursue your art?

“My motivation comes from my passion to create. It’s so important to be able to express yourself in some form. For me that’s through my photography and art.”

Drama Queen (Photo by Kelly Robiatille featuring author Aly Goo.)

Drama Queen (Photo by Kelly Robiatille featuring author Aly Goo.)

What would you want to tell other artists who look to your work as inspiration to pursue visual arts?

“My tip for the aspiring artist is to BE YOURSELF! Don’t be concerned about keeping up with others. When you’ve found something you love to do, you will grow and create amazing pieces. Comparing yourself to others simply creates a rut and lack of self value.”

What work of yours would you consider your best, and why?

“[The ones you showcased in your recent gallery] are my favorite because I feel like they portray emotion, the execution is good. Its very important to showcase a distinct alluring whimsical feeling, and I feel like these showcase that the best.”

Kelly is continuing her work, and plans to make 2017 the best year yet and I’m excited to see what will come from her next.

To learn more about her, go to her website:  (You can also follow her AFineLineDesigns Facebook page, her AFineLineDesigns Twitter, and pick up her art at her Kelly Robitaille ETSY page. )

Author: Aly Goo

Aly Goo is the DarkestGoth Vice Spokesmodel for 2017

Aly is an alt model/MUA/stylist from Ontario Canada. With international publications, a great following, and lots of resources under her belt, Aly Goo is a fun, loving, dark model who is aiming to take the world by storm!

With 5 years experience, Aly Goo hopes that not only can she represent great companies, magazines, and products, but that she can also inspire more models to pursue their goals and ambitions to be models.

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